Kris Bacani Makeup Artistry | Top 5 Online Tools for Makeup Artists And Other Creative Freelancers
Kris is a New York trained makeup artist and makeup teacher from Manila.
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Top 5 Online Tools for Makeup Artists And Other Creative Freelancers

Top 5 Online Tools for Makeup Artists And Other Creative Freelancers

I use the Internet to get a lot of things done regarding my makeup business. It has made me very efficient and I’ve benefitted so much with having online presence. Here are my go-to online tools:



There’s nothing quite like having your own domain name that screams “professional.” This is where I bought my own Having your own domain name is pretty cheap at less than $10/year so I suggest that you buy yours asap before anyone else gets your desired name. This is also where my website is hosted. Lastly, I also got my email service from them (Yep, a Gmail account isn’t profesh enough for me :p). Having your own website is useless if it’s not designed well, so I got awesome web designer Jenn Manigao-Tan (09175008349) to do mine. I love my pretty website!



carbonmadeWhen I was starting out, of course I didn’t have  a budget yet for a fully customized site. Good thing there are lots of other ways where you can showcase your work for free: Multiply (It all started here for me. R.I.P.), Blogspot, Tumblr, WordPress, Facebook pages, etc. But if you want to have a free, clean, no nonsense online portfolio, I highly recommend that you create a Carbonmade account. Their template is sleek and classy, and it is specifically created for artists. You can upload up to 3o photos for free, you have to pay additional if you want to upload more and use your own domain name. Here’s a sample of a makeup artist’s Carbonmade account (I would have used mine but I deleted it already):

Screen Shot 2013-10-04 at 1.54.58 PM




photo from

IFTTT is THE discovery of the year. A college friend who sells clothes online suggested this to me when I complained that it’s so time consuming to keep all social media accounts in sync and updated. Enter IFTTT. You can create “recipes” where you can link your one account to the other, and you can even choose which specific posts you’d like to be synced. It uses the “if then” formula similar in Excel. For example, this is one of the recipes I created:

Screen Shot 2013-10-04 at 2.30.36 PM


If I post something in Instagram with the the hashtag #krisbacanimakeup, then it automatically pops up in my Kris Bacani Makeup Artistry Facebook page. Take note that without the hashtag, it won’t sync. So that means my personal photos that I don’t want to share will be kept private, and those that are only related to makeup that I want to share will sync. Isn’t that just sheer, time-saving genius? What are you waiting for? Start cooking your own recipes!



Seriously, I think that everything that you wish can be done online, someone has already invented it. I mostly transact online with regard to downpayments of my bridal clients, I do not have to meet with them personally. I think I’ve created enough online presence to assure them I’m not a scammer and will not run away with their money. They deposit to my bank account, I do online banking to check if the payment went in, and I email to confirm receipt. I wished that the last step could be done more professionally without me writing on an actual invoice receipt and scanning it. Surprise surprise, there’s an actual online invoice receipt generator. It has a simple template, and all you have to do is plug in the details and it generates a PDF version for you. You can even put your own logo in it. It’s completely hassle-free. Who needs a secretary?

Screen Shot 2013-10-04 at 2.56.15 PM






I first heard of Tin Eye when I got involved in a plagiarism issue last year. One makeup artist used a photo from my bridal portfolio and used it as her own to market her services. Another makeup artist caught her using other makeup artists’s photos by doing a reverse image search. It turned out her whole bridal portfolio was a mixture of 5 different makeup artists’ works, including mine. So how does this reverse image search work? You can upload a photo or url in sites such as Tin Eye, and they will tell you where else you can see that photo on the web. This site is mostly used by people who would like to see if their copyrighted work are being used without their permission. In this day and age, you really can’t afford to be lazy or stupid anymore because you WILL eventually get caught. Very helpful especially for photographers.


What are the other nifty online tools that I should know of? Let me know! 🙂





  • Armie

    October 11, 2013 at 3:23 am Reply

    wow! i love back reading! this one would be a great help! I really learnt a lot here! thanks so much!

    • Kris Bacani

      October 11, 2013 at 7:48 am Reply

      Hey Armie, these are all very helpful, as in! You’re welcome!

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