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Kris is a New York trained makeup artist and makeup teacher from Manila.
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Simple Solutions to Common Makeup Mistakes

Simple Solutions to Common Makeup Mistakes

We’ve all been there– Just as you thought you’ve done the perfect makeup, something goes wrong and you have to do it all over. Worse, you just give up and head out the door. And then there are times that you’ve discovered your mistake too late and it is immortalized in social media the next day. #FML right? Don’t fret! Here are some simple  solutions to common makeup mistakes:

MISTAKE #1: Your face is ghostly white in photos with flash

Under natural light, you were sure that your foundation matched your skin tone but the next day, when you looked at your Instagram photos from the party the night before, you were surprised that your face was way lighter than the rest of your skin.

SOLUTION: Skip sunscreen

The culprit might be the sunscreen that you put under makeup. One of the most common ingredients used in sunscreen is titanium dioxide, and its natural color is white. Under flash photography it will definitely show up as white on your face. I know, I know, you should put on sunscreen everyday, but maybe you can remove it before putting makeup for the night.

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MISTAKE #2: Mascara wand touches the skin while putting mascara

This still happens to me from time to time when doing makeup on other people. I am carefully putting on mascara then they twitch their face or do some sudden movement, and mascara ends up on their skin. Most people immediately grab a cotton bud and try to remove it, and mascara ends up smudging on a bigger area.

SOLUTION: Let it dry

Let the mascara dry first. It is easier to remove once it has hardened and dried up. Move on to doing makeup on the other parts of the face while waiting for it to dry. After about two minutes, put a bit of loose powder over the mascara and with a cotton bud, scrape it off. Easier right?

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MISTAKE #3: Foundation is too light

This is mostly for pros. You’ve avoided sunscreen already, and then after finishing foundation, you looked at the mirror and realized that the foundation you put was too light. Do you have to do it all over again?

SOLUTION: Set with darker powder

You don’t necessarily have to do it again. You can just set it with a slightly darker shade of powder to match the skin tone. Don’t get used to doing this though, you should learn how to base match properly. What if it’s the other way around and you put foundation that’s too dark? I don’t suggest putting lighter powder, it might end up looking chalky. Again, practice base matching properly so you can train your eye and your foundation shade is always spot on.

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MISTAKE #4: Panda eyes in the afternoon

You just bought and used the most waterproof black eyeliner you can find but after lunch, you look at the mirror and see that you look like a panda– the liner smudged all over your eye area, making you look like someone just gave you a black eye.

SOLUTION: Powder eye area very well

For some of us, our eyelids become oilier than the rest of the face so the eyeliner tends to slip off as the day goes by. You can counter this by powdering the eye area very well. You can use your ring finger or use a smaller brush to put powder on your eye area, both on the lids and on the under eyes. You’ll notice that eyeshadow and eyeliner will last longer.

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MISTAKE #5: Red lipstick smudges outside the lipline

You were carefully putting on red lipstick (and not breathing in the process) then suddenly it smudges outside the lipline. Ack!!!

SOLUTION: Erase with base

Remove the lipstick on your skin with a cotton bud. More often than not there will still be a hint of red that will simply not go away no matter how hard you rub. Instead of rubbing to death, simply get a bit of foundation or concealer and lightly pat on the area. In makeup school we call this “erase with base.” It makes cleaning up easier. You can also do this with eyeshadow fall off. After brushing off the fall off, you can pat concealer or foundation under your eyes. Set with powder again.

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What are the other common makeup mistakes and what do you do about them?


  • Geeky_mom

    October 10, 2013 at 8:21 am Reply

    Putting on too much lip n cheek tint on your cheeks? What to do?

    • Kris Bacani

      October 10, 2013 at 8:41 am Reply

      Hi Geeky_mom! Lip and cheek tint is hard to remove. You can just remove it with a bit of water or layer a small amount of foundation over it, kind of like “erase with base” also. Just remember not to put lip and cheek tint over powder, it’s very hard to blend and it becomes blotchy if you do so.

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