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Kris is a New York trained makeup artist and makeup teacher from Manila.
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Jaz and I didn’t have a trial makeup session so it was the first time I saw her on her wedding day. Good thing I was able to warm up to her family fast because I instantly recognized they’re Kapampangan, just like my Dad, so there’s immediately a common ground. I can understand the dialect because I grew up around Kapampangan-speaking relatives, but I have a hard time speaking it. I really, really wish I could though!READ MORE


Chris is a good friend of my co-makeup artist Faye Young. She was supposed to do Chris’ wedding makeup but she was already booked by another bride-to-be on the same date, so she recommended me instead. Thanks Ms. Faye for the generosity! ­čÖéREAD MORE


Carol and I met at one of the wedding fairs in PICC ┬álast July; I was one of the makeup artists invited by Temptu airbrush makeup to give out free trial makeup in their booth. Carol wanted a natural look and I happily obliged. She has been taking really good care of her skin prior to her wedding day, I didn’t have a hard time doing her makeup because her skin absorbed the makeup beautifully.READ MORE


Gem, just like my other bride┬áCamille, is based in Singapore. We often chat in Facebook, so even though I’ve seen her only twice (during her trial makeup and wedding itself), it’s as if I’ve seen and been with her lots of times already!READ MORE


Bambi is probably one of the most enthusiastic brides I had. I think it took me double the time to do her makeup because every time I did something she likes, she says “Yipee!” with matching clapping of hands. Concealed her eyebags. Yipee! Smokey eyes. Yipee! Perfect shade of lipstick. Yipee!!! She could have probably bounded up and down the makeup chair a bit. How I wish all of my clients were this appreciative!READ MORE


Cherrylie didn’t have trial makeup with me, so I saw her for the first time on her wedding day. I was very relieved when she liked the natural look i did on her. I was with her in the bridal car to retouch before the wedding, and she told me that she has a tendency to not do the thing that she’s supposed to do when she’s nervous. Like with her first job in a call center, she didn’t go to work. The first time she received a call as a call center agent, she was unable to speak! So thankfully, she was able to walk down the aisle even though she was very nervous. Otherwise, we would probably have a case of runaway bride!READ MORE


Gwen is a close friend of Joni, who’s also one of my bridal clients. They actually had their trial makeup together last year, and I’m happy they both booked me for their respective weddings. In fact, she also wanted the same look as Joni’s, smoky eyes done in earth shades to make her chinita eyes look bigger. Here’s her before photo:READ MORE