Kris Bacani Makeup Artistry | debut makeup
Kris is a New York trained makeup artist and makeup teacher from Manila.
weddings, manila, philippines, mua, makeup
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It was bound to happen to me one of these days. Hotel mix-up, that is. With all the hotel-hopping I’ve been doing for debuts, weddings, and other special events, sometimes it could really get confusing. That day, we went to Edsa Shangri-la instead of MAKATIĀ  Shangri-la! At least, I got the Shangri-la part right diba? Good thing there wasn’t any traffic, the drive from Ortigas to Makati was just a little less than 15 minutes and we were still able to finish everyone in time for the debut. Happy 18th Alexandra! =)READ MORE


I instantly liked Tricia when we met for trial makeup because we had 2 things in common– we’re both cheerleaders from Holy Spirit and we both love animal prints. She loves animal print so much that her debut’s theme is safari!READ MORE