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Kris is a New York trained makeup artist and makeup teacher from Manila.
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August Personal Makeup Workshops


You asked for it, you got it!

Putting on makeup can be very confusing, especially with all the makeup products and YouTube tutorials you see everywhere. I’m breaking it down and helping you learn the basics of putting on makeup for the office, special occasions, brunch dates, or even for your grocery shopping :p I hope I get the chance to teach you the right, simple, and effective makeup techniques the fun way for my next run of personal makeup workshops–including some insider and personal tips and info, plus beauty chikahan over wine and cheese!

I’ve had a successful run for June and July with the 45 girls I taught and since I received requests for August, I’m opening up 2 dates and 3 time slots. Details below:


Photo May 28, 3 25 07 PM

JUNE – JULY Personal Makeup Workshops

I can’t believe I’m on my 3rd run! If you’ve always been clueless on how to put on makeup, or you’ve always been confused with all the makeup tutorials you see online, let me help you achieve your #makeupgoals. Learn the basics of putting on makeup for the office, special events, or even the grocery :p I hope I get the chance to teach you the right, simple, and effective makeup techniques the fun way, just like the 60-plus girls I taught last Feb- April. Details below:




“Like most of the brides, I could barely sleep the night before the wedding. So on the day itself, I was worried because I thought that I must have looked exhausted and not at all like a bride. To my surprise, my makeup lasted the whole day, looking natural, fresh and beautiful unitl the end. Kris did an amazing job! ” – Jobelle




“I just depended on my instinct when I booked Kris. I was never a fan of makeup and I didn’t know any makeup artists then. Kris made feel like im a princess on my wedding day. I didn’t even have to retouch my makeup even though I was crying really hard on my way down the aisle. Relying on my instinct was the perfect decision that I made! I really had fun working with you, Kris. Thank you!” – Kara



Nicolai Melicor Photography

I’ve been working a lot with the talented Nicolai Melicor lately.  Here are some portraits that she took with our brides Mayleen, Jan, Veron, and Seaneen. Thanks Nicolai for sending these over, and I hope to work with you again soon!




“I had a hard time choosing my makeup artist for my wedding since I knew very little about makeup and didn’t know what to look for in a makeup artist. Plus, I didn’t want to end up with the usual makeup artists who insist on a heavy-handed style and who would turn me into someone I’m not. But Kris was a real find and she understood exactly what I was looking for even before I knew it myself. She gave me a simple, fresh look, while still making me more beautiful than I thought I could be. Thanks, Kris! You’re the best!” -Lyn



Angel was my co-cheerleader, way back during my Ateneo Blue Babble days. I’m so happy to be cheering her on during her big day, in Boracay no less! 🙂




The first few times I did Abu’s makeup was way back 2007. I was just studying basic makeup artistry then in Center for Aesthetic Studies and she was one of my ever willing guinea pig-slash-model during classes. I really have a soft spot for my supportive friends who have helped me start out. To make her even more awesome in my eyes, Abu and his husband Bede brought me to Korea for their engagement shoot!




I’ve been doing makeup for Ateneo batchmates lately,  everyone’s getting hitched one right after the other! Deng and I both took up the same course, and I was surprised to learn during our trial makeup that we also both worked for the same company, URC, briefly. That’s where Deng met Seph. Check out their wedding photos below 🙂