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Kris is a New York trained makeup artist and makeup teacher from Manila.
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Bambi is probably one of the most enthusiastic brides I had. I think it took me double the time to do her makeup because every time I did something she likes, she says “Yipee!” with matching clapping of hands. Concealed her eyebags. Yipee! Smokey eyes. Yipee! Perfect shade of lipstick. Yipee!!! She could have probably bounded up and down the makeup chair a bit. How I wish all of my clients were this appreciative!READ MORE

Rainbow Transmission

I collaborated with Edric again for another shoot, and this time I was able to stay to change looks. I’m so happy with the beauty shots he took, you could really see the detail of the makeup. I’ll take this opportunity to tell you how I did the makeup and what products I used to achieve those looks (since you could now buy it from me! =))READ MORE


As a makeup artist, clients always ask me, “What’s the makeup brand that you use most often?” or “What’s a good makeup brand that you could recommend to me?” My co-makeup artists, upon seeing my eyeshadow/blush/foundation palettes, always ask me “What brand is this?” or “Where can I buy this?” I always have a hard time answering these questions because the brand that I most often use was not available here in the Philippines before, so I always end up just recommending the other brands that are available here.READ MORE