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Kris is a New York trained makeup artist and makeup teacher from Manila.
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I met Janeena last year when she modeled for a cosplay shoot I did with Jay Tablante and Tricia Gosingtian. Since then, she has referred several clients to me. I barely know this girl, yet she keeps on referring me! So when she asked me to do her makeup for the Star Magic Ball (she’s a VJ for Velvet and starred in Gimik before), I happily agreed to return the favor. Here are some photos from the shoot we had prior to the ball:

Airbrush makeup by Kris BacaniREAD MORE


Carol and I met at one of the wedding fairs in PICC ¬†last July; I was one of the makeup artists invited by Temptu airbrush makeup to give out free trial makeup in their booth. Carol wanted a natural look and I happily obliged. She has been taking really good care of her skin prior to her wedding day, I didn’t have a hard time doing her makeup because her skin absorbed the makeup beautifully.READ MORE


Haydee is very hesitant with putting on makeup. “Nagmumukha akong bakla!” she told me. I think she just echoed the sentiments of a lot of women who had traumatic makeup experiences in the past. It’s extra challenging to convince women like them, and I’m so happy that I proved Haydee wrong. I think it’s just a matter of finding the colors that complement her skin tone and applying it in such a way that it enhances her features rather than completely changing them. I did a natural look on her, but still made sure there’s emphasis on the eyes. She looks so romantic and very much of a girly-girl in the photos! =)READ MORE


Gem, just like my other bride¬†Camille, is based in Singapore. We often chat in Facebook, so even though I’ve seen her only twice (during her trial makeup and wedding itself), it’s as if I’ve seen and been with her lots of times already!READ MORE