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Kris is a New York trained makeup artist and makeup teacher from Manila.
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Simple Solutions to Common Makeup Mistakes

We’ve all been there– Just as you thought you’ve done the perfect makeup, something goes wrong and you have to do it all over. Worse, you just give up and head out the door. And then there are times that you’ve discovered your mistake too late and it is immortalized in social media the next day. #FML right? Don’t fret! Here are some simple  solutions to common makeup mistakes:



Small world story: As with most of my clients who are based abroad, they usually know about me through the Internet. Donna is based in Toronto, Canada. When Donna posted her wedding photos in Facebook, I was quite surprised when Kayan, another bridal client of mine who’s based in Guam, commented on the photos on how they both got the same makeup artist, which is of course moi. Turns out they were high school classmates and unbeknownst to each other, they both booked me for their respective weddings! Their weddings were just 5 days apart. I just love how the Internet connects everyone together and how it really makes the world really really small, parang tatlong kembot lang ang Guam and Canada from Philippines! =)READ MORE


After the craziness of December ’09 and January ’10 bookings, I finally have time to start this makeup blog. From now on, I’ll try my very best to write about my experiences as a makeup artist, do product reviews, answer makeup questions, and just blog about all things kikay. Happy reading! =)