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Kris is a New York trained makeup artist and makeup teacher from Manila.
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Step By Step Wedding / Natural Makeup

My bride-to-be Shaina agreed to let me document our trial makeup session earlier. She and her husband Patrick scheduled their prenup shoot in National Museum today so it was the perfect time to test her wedding makeup also. I will focus more on the process and not so much on the products in this post. All the photos have no edits, no filters whatsoever. Oh and hairstylist Alex Leyson photobombs pretty much each photo since we also tested her wedding hairstyle. Here’s my typical makeup workflow:


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I’ve been more active recently in Instagram than in blogging. Here are some of my makeup related posts there last August and September. Follow me @krisbacani!



During our trial, when Jaemie was describing to me how her wedding gown looked like, I knew we would get along well. We both have a penchant for simplicity and the classics– I can definitely see my style meshing with hers. As with her makeup, again, simple and classic is the key. With an angelic face like hers, I didn’t really need to try too hard and put a lot, her beauty is effortless.



I love getting clients from all over the world, and Irene is my first one that’s based in Dublin, Ireland. She’s actually already married to her husband years ago, but they decided to go home and have a bonggang church wedding last year. Looking at the photos, who knew that she already has two kids? Irene certainly looks like a newlywed to me!READ MORE


Ayz is (yet again!) one of my Singapore-based brides. I just met her on the day of her wedding in Tagaytay because we didn’t have trial makeup, which as always, makes me a bit worried because I still have this fear that those who didn’t have trial with me might not like what I do on the wedding day. Though when I finally met Ayz, my worries were eased because with a face that cute, how can a makeup artist go wrong? Check out her cuteness in the photos!READ MORE


Liz is one my Singapore-based brides. Her wedding was held in Meycauayan, Bulacan, which I really like because even though it’s out of town, it’s actually easier for me to go here than to go to Makati since I’m from Quezon City. Farther, yes, but no traffic!

Liz’s main concern was her eye makeup. She said that almost all those who did her makeup make her piercing eyes look too strong, which makes her look mataray. So I just put minimal eyeshadow, diffused her eyeliner, and didn’t put false eyelashes anymore to soften her eyes. The result: she looked doe-eyed instead of mataray in the photos.READ MORE


I got to know Bethany through her husband/financial guru extraordinaire Melvin. I gave makeup and image enhancement seminars to some corporate clients under Melvin’s training company before (special shout out to those I’ve trained in BPI!). Plus, I owe him a lot because he jumpstarted my knowledge in personal finance. Given its importance, I really don’t get why we’re taught lots of useless subjects in high school and college but not how to handle our own money. He gave me a valuable and enlightening crash course 2 years ago on how to invest my hard earned (a.k.a. katas ng makeup) money wisely, so now I can proudly say that not only do I have a makeup portfolio, I have a financial portfolio as well.READ MORE


Jannice is one of my Singapore-based brides, yet again (See, kumikitang kabuhayan talaga ako because of Singapore!). I spent the whole day with her during their prenup shoot in Tagaytay a few months before the wedding, so I was quite comfortable with her already by the time we met again on her wedding day last December.READ MORE


All I really wanted were rain boots. But what I got in return was a family of bridal clients and personal makeup students! 2 years ago I was lusting for Plueys, these uber funky rain boots that I’ve seen on some of my friends. The inggitera that I am, of course I have to have my own pair. I was hesitant to order online because I wasn’t sure what size I have to get, so when I saw that the seller’s house is near where I live, I asked if I could fit them first there before I buy. Good thing she agreed, or else I wouldn’t have met Esel, the Plueys queen herself.READ MORE


Juvy is one of my Singapore based brides. Recently I’ve been getting wedding clients from Singapore one right after the other! I was joking with my hairstylist that if ever we’ll work there, I don’t think we’ll have a hard time getting work because we already have a good network of Pinoys there. Kumikitang kabuhayan pa rin!

Juvy and I didn’t have trial makeup, but I’m happy and relieved she liked what I did. It helped that she has such a lovely face that’s a breeze to work on. I think the other suppliers, from the florist to the photographer, will agree that working with Juvy and her husband Joel was that too– a breeze. Congrats Juvy and Joel! 🙂