Kris Bacani Makeup Artistry | pat dy
Kris is a New York trained makeup artist and makeup teacher from Manila.
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The first few times I did Abu’s makeup was way back 2007. I was just studying basic makeup artistry then in Center for Aesthetic Studies and she was one of my ever willing guinea pig-slash-model during classes. I really have a soft spot for my supportive friends who have helped me start out. To make her even more awesome in my eyes, Abu and his husband Bede brought me to Korea for their engagement shoot!



I’ve been friends with Maita since we’re kids; we’re batchmates in School of the Holy Spirit and in Ateneo. She can easily be the token girl we all love to hate in high school who seem to have it all– exceptionally beautiful, smart, talented, and creative. Except that with Maita you simply can’t, because she’s also extremely sweet, genuine, down to earth, and kind-hearted. Love to hate her? Nope. We love her. Period.



After doing Carolyn’s makeup during her and Joel’s tinghun and engagement shoot in Bellaroca (free bonggang vacation woot woot!), we finally arrived on the big day. Being with the Tanchis during preps, you can definitely feel the love and strong bond that this family share which is something truly admirable. I remember how Carolyn was surrounded the whole time with her mom and sisters, giving her advice and quoting Bible passages on how to live the married life. And I’ll also remember how my friend Joel, during the early days he was courting Carolyn, telling us how he’s having such a hard time and wondering whether his efforts were worth it. Good thing we pushed him to persevere, or else this wedding wouldn’t have happened! I’m happy they were able to find God’s best in each other.