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Kris is a New York trained makeup artist and makeup teacher from Manila.
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I feel like I’m cheating by including a wedding post here in my blog challenge because I semi-regularly do it anyway. I just really want to include Faye’s wedding portraits after receiving this email from her two weeks ago:


Step By Step Wedding / Natural Makeup

My bride-to-be Shaina agreed to let me document our trial makeup session earlier. She and her husband Patrick scheduled their prenup shoot in National Museum today so it was the perfect time to test her wedding makeup also. I will focus more on the process and not so much on the products in this post. All the photos have no edits, no filters whatsoever. Oh and hairstylist Alex Leyson photobombs pretty much each photo since we also tested her wedding hairstyle. Here’s my typical makeup workflow:



I rarely get the chance to post tinghun photos here in my blog, so thank you Sandra!